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45th Fall Fiesta Fling
Registration List 
September 9-10, 2005

El Pinto Authentic Mexican Restaurant



Hedy Hatchell, Pat Bundrant,
Judy (Boyd) Jenkins
  Ron Taylor, Terry Shea,
Gil Sheppard
  Toni Carpenter, Robert Singer, Dennis Roberts
Johnny Pappas, Sue Chase,
Lou Lagrave, Fred Fricke
  Diana (Beall) DeMuth,
Margaret Ann & Jerry Woodard
  Jim Howard, Randy Johnson,
Dave Brummell

Gil Sheppard &
Deanna Hill Vanderlaan

  Bill Winkler, JoAnn Miller <daughter of> Troy "Sam" Miller, Jerry Woodard   Ron Taylor,
Jim & Casandra LaPoint
Cheryl Howard & ??   Diana (Beall) & Nelson DeMuth,
Johnny Pappas
  Marilyn Sasser,
Mary Margaret (Mead) Petty,
Bill Winkler, Jerry Woodard


Antje (Clausen) Zirkel
Jean Stapleton
      Jean Stapleton & Margaret Snell
Jim Howard, Randy Johnson, Robert Singer   Jeff Epstein &
Shyrle (Owens) Myers

  Bill Winkler &
Deanna Hill Vanderlaan
Marilyn Sasser   John Byland,
Michelle (Rosenbaum) Lesser
  Jim Howard, Randy Johnson
Sandra Nickelson,
Ginny (DuShane) Vasquez,
Sharon (Otto) Delo
  Fred Fricke   Ron Taylor, Gil Sheppard,
Robert Singer, Toni Carpenter, Dennis Roberts

  Connie Katson    Evie (Brown)Tumlin

  Pat  & Sylvia Houser, Sol Chavez   Art Gardenswartz
Daphne (McPeters) Edrington,
Sharon (Otto) Delo
Ginny (DuShane) Vasquez
  Maxine Goldberg   Marilyn Sasser
Mary Margaret (Mead) Petty
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Lou Lagrave, John Latronico   Sharon (Otto) Delo,
Billy Borthwick, Johnny Pappas
  Pat (Fudge) & Bobby Davalos
Billy Borthwick,
Jerry & Margaret Ann Woodard
  Donna (Dalbey) Ness &
Keni Latronico
  Johnny Pappas, Charles Olinger
Susan Granuci & Ralph Hill   Chuck Kohlhaas   Bert Sena
From South of the Border
Jeff Epstein, Bill Winkler,
Brian Jack
      Randy Johnson, Jim Howard

THANKS to all of you who have contributed your pictures

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